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has quoted $600.00 for a Painter:

3 hours, 6 minutes ago – Painter, Malvern VIC, Australia



has asked a question:

Please call on 0432 175 811 to provide specifications and to obtain a quoted price

5 hours, 27 minutes ago – Painter, Malvern VIC, Australia



has asked a question:

Hi Chelsea, do you know what paint was used on the walls? Need to make sure it matches the rest of the walls

5 hours, 50 minutes ago – Painter, Malvern VIC, Australia



chelsealewis3 has a new request:

A painter to patch a about 10 small dints in a hallway of an apartment building that we made by removalists. They need to be more…

6 hours, 8 minutes ago – Malvern VIC, Australia


Illawarra Signs and Line Marking

has a new service:

Painter Flat panel signs Safety signs Road and Traffic Signs Car Park Line Marking

1 day, 10 hours ago – Port Kembla New Sout, Australia


Home handy man

has asked a question:

Hello I'm a tiler with 15 years experience can you please upload some pics of area for tiling and what size tiles will be used? more…

2 days, 6 hours ago – Tiler, Pearl Beach NSW, Australia



rally has a new request:

Tile a bathroom 3m X 1.5 m there is a shower in on end tiled to 2m high . Skirting around whole room and splash back at vanity. more…

2 days, 7 hours ago – Pearl Beach NSW, Australia

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